Influenced by the eclectic music of the Western world, Kaycee Lee James blends various types of rock, blues, folk, “world” music, and occasionally even jazz into her own unique style. She grew up listening to every type of music including country and blues with her mom and grandmother. “I like so many different styles and artists. In my personal music collection you can find Josh Groban, Chopin, Eva Cassidy, and Little Willie John alongside many others such as Alice in Chains  and Jimi Hendrix. Music is about emotion and the expression of what we feel, contemplate, and desire. Life without music would seem rather dim.”

Kaycee grew up in the Big Bear ski resort area on the outskirts of Los Angeles, California with four cats, a rat, and a hermit crab (all named ‘Fluffy’). She began writing poetry, philosophy, and humorous (yet twisted) short stories at an early age as an outlet for a tormented soul. Her various family members struggled with addiction and abuse. She remembers moving at least a dozen times before the age of thirteen, even finding herself without a place to sleep more than once. At about thirteen, she moved out on her own. Life has continued to present challenges that might be considered debilitating.  Kaycee states, “I write because I feel deeply. My difficulties have impassioned me to find answers.  I am an avid reader and the knowledge that I have gained has really helped me to overcome addiction and all manner of craziness.  I want to use my own experiences to help others. Life is difficult, but it still has many wonderful moments. Music captures those moments, both good and bad, and you will find this in my own music.”

Writing music has only been a major part of Kaycee’s life for the past ten years. Together with her husband Raleigh James, they form a formidable writing team and endless possibilities continue to unfold. With dozens of original songs completed and enough material to write over 200 songs, Kaycee is preparing for a long career as a recording and performing artist. Now Kaycee Lee James’ greatest desire is to Rock the world and to help some tortured souls along the way.